Everybody has a view of reality.

One view is that there is no such thing as reality.  This is a popular view held by some scientists and also some religious people.  The scientific view is based on quantum physics, which has shown that a subatomic particle (which is not a particle at all) can at any given moment be anywhere, such as in your soup, or for that matter anywhere in the universe such as in some distant galaxy many light-years away.  One conclusion from this is that reality is really an illusion. Using quantum physics we can speculate further on parallel universes, multiple universes (multiverses), time-travel, and so on.

Quantum physics is not a useful guide of how we should live. 

Our world is made of subatomic particles.  But put together as everyday objects, they act in accord with Newtonian physics. Each subatomic particle may behave in the weirdest of ways but in the form of a chair or a forest or a person, will behave in ways which are familiar.  A bullet fired point-blank at a person will hit and harm that person.  Yes, quite a few of the subatomic particles that make up the bullet may indeed be found on Alpha Centauri which is the pair of stars (which we see with the naked eye as one) situated 4.37 light-years away.  But whatever we call it, the energy or atoms or force of the bullet, will predictably do its damage.  Talking about any other form of reality is talk.

The bullet is real even though it is perceived by each of us uniquely. This perception is formed through our senses and interpreted by our brain.  The interpretation arises from our beliefs which have been formed and continue to be formed by the brain trying to make sense of the world.  We need to make sense of the world in order to survive and live, and because the path for survival is different for each of us, the result is that we sense the world in different ways because each of us believes in our own way.

But we share the same outer reality. This reality is that a bullet fired into a human head will most likely destroy that person. I call this reality the outer universal reality.  It is a reality which we all share.  Whatever an individual’s perception or belief system, there is no getting away from this reality.

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